Evening Prayer with bubbles

And my cup overflows:
The Cork pops from the bottle
The fizz surges up
And the table you prepared
Is blessed with it.

Remembered bible
The fish, the lake, the breakfast:
Jesus meets them again,
Sends them out, sends them onwards.
The horizon is far away, the sky is blue:
God is there too.

Prayers for the world and for its people
In silence we bring concerns from today to God.

Nunc dimitiss
Holy One, now let your servant go in peace
According to your promise.
I have seen it all, everything you have readied:
Lighting the lives of all who live in darkness,
To the glory of those who know and love you.
Glory to you, Three yet One.

Amen, Amen, Amen.

JAL 27.02.2019

Coed-y-Bleiddiau, Wales.