Baptismas is a water festival. Remembering the bible at this time might include other stories about Living Wet, like Jonah living in the belly of a huge sea creature. The #waveofwhales campaign is also a good activity for this period. Send words or images to the Japanese Ambassador to indicate your opposition to commercial whaling.

When the wise were walking
You were weaving your way
From pole to pole and back.
Beneath the waves you sang
Your way across oceans
And around continents.
Hunted, massacred, pushed
To the edge of extinction:
The not so wise made the rules.
Much later, out of the blue,
The realisation that we need you
Made most repent and take another way.

Time rolls on; once again the heat is on,
The oceans are plastic soup,
And old enemies rise and risk a strike.
Every wave is needed to object,
To command, to remind,
The really wise do not persecute the great grey ones,
The singers of the deep:
Come, watch, listen and learn.

JAL 12.01.2019