All sentient beings

I sniffed the air. I was testing it to decide whether to run or stay. The sharp smell of human sweat came through the trees towards me but I decide to stay hidden in the leaf littered hollow as it was a little way from the path.
A woman walked along holding a child tightly by the hand. She wasn’t looking for a small creature in the undergrowth. I’d made the right decision.
Before I was born I had decided as all must, in case you had forgotten. From the catalogue of all sentient beings where should my soul reside? I thought about it carefully. Some admired the human being, like the woman and child walking there. Others chose carnivores or creatures that could fly or swim. Me, I chose a small herbivore to be my sentient being. Excellent sense of smell and keen intelligence, good camouflage: I was at home in the leafy hollow. Of course I was also vulnerable to humans or carnivores or raptors gliding above me. But each creature had its vulnerabilities including those that looked or thought they were the strongest. In the forest I was well hidden and well fed. I could usually find a welcoming mud wallow for my comfort or amusement.
As I looked around the forest, knowing this was where I would grow up, I was content. When asked for my choice by the Almighty Creator, I had answered confidently, ‘Pig’.
Some had sniggered. Pig was not their idea of an attractive sentient being. But I was happy being a pig and, with all sentient brings, I lifted my snout and I praised God.

In our life and our believing
The love of God

JAL 29.01.2019

Living water

The water is alive!
See how it flows,
Hear how it whispers and roars!
After a summer of dwindling,
Seeping away, slowly sinking,
Now rain raises it up,
Brown and white, foaming and vigorous.
This valley is marked by it
As it both stills and flows,
Moving on to give life to other places.

May we be like the living water.
As you raise us up, enliven us,
By your Spirit, to share life and renew
Our communities with hope and love.

JAL 05.01.2019