Evening Prayer on the coast

Inspiring landscapes
Smoke rises, clouds fall;
Yesterday’s sun replaced by mist and rain;
Damp ground, decaying leaves;
A river snakes through sandbanks,
Reaching out to the sea.

Remembered bible
They that go down to the sea in ships,
There’s stuff to do by the waters.
Look at what the Creator has made:
Deep and wonderful things.
The wind changes direction, the sea responds,
Clouds gather, waves rise.

We pray for the oceans, our misuse and abuse of the waters:
Change us God of all, make us responsible creatures.

God grows bigger, greater, more awesome
As the months go by:
All of this makes me happy. I bubble up with joy.
The rich and proud are caste down,
The poor and humble lifted up.
This is God’s plan, revealed to me and those like me
Who say yes to God and mean it.

Glory Creator, Glory Son,
Glory Spirit, Three yet One.

JAL 28.02.2019

Portmeirion, Wales