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Printable Booklets etc.

The LEJOG blog!! Click to follow Janet's long walk.

At The Going Down Of The Sun
- PDFs of a book about visiting the battlefields of the First World War.
 48 dpi 1 MB    96 dpi  3 MB   150 dpi 7 MB   300 dpi 15 MB

Remembered Bible (RB) is a way of engaging people of all ages and abilities with the Bible. The Remembered Bible Book is a book of images and words using this idea...
 48 dpi  3 MB   96 dpi 9 MB   150 dpi 15 MB
See also the paper about RB, The Core of the Remembered Gospel.

Book of 'pizza packaging prints' based on a forest on a peninsula in western Scotland... Ardnamurchan Forest (4MB)