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Welcome to Fish out of Water

'You want to do what?' 
Well it can be done.
You may have heard others say:
'It won't work' or 'We tried it before' or something else that's not very life-giving.
As one who has heard this kind of thing rather too often, I want to welcome you to 'Fish Out Of Water Faith Resources'.
On this website you will find 'stuff' that I hope will help you with your upstream journey.

I am a Christian, an ordained minister of small dissenting European denomination. I work with people of all ages and abilities on the edge and beyond the edge of the Church as it currently defends itself. Looking outwards I seek to share things I have created with others who want to do the same, and for whom institutional faith is increasingly sterile, confining and deathly.

I am a fish out of water. Maybe you are too. After all, only dead fish go with the flow (as my then teenage daughter once reminded me). The fish that is 'out of water' is the one leaping, energetically defying gravity and the current, weaving and dancing on the way upstream.

These resources will include stories, prayers, papers, activities, art and craft, images. You can download things from this site and use them provided it is not for profit and you acknowledge the source. You can contact me to discuss these resources and if you want some training or would like me to plan and/or conduct a rite of passage with you, or if you'd like to join an individual or group retreat.

Whatever you want to do - it can be done.